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daycare au with nanako and ken as care takers pls & thnk

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Things I thought about on the bus today

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While I’m at it here’s an edit of some art from a p4 calendar scan I found on minitokyo that I made gay and transparent and probably out of proportion for my art blog’s theme a while ago.  did I post this already

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"Kyaa, Koujaku-san complimented me, I’m so totally happy!”

Aoba imitates Koujaku’s fangirls. Requested by notactuallythatdramatic.

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Some Famitsu Leaks For P4U2


Okay this week’s Famitsu leaks are coming in really early, though much information is still missing.

For P4U2, the release date has been confirmed to be sometime in August and will be priced at 6XX0 Japanese yen. 

And yes, Rise is confirmed to be joining the roster. Battle style seems to be in the style of “LISTEN TO MY SONG.” (???) Seriously though, if she’s beating people up with a microphone and its stand to do battle, that will be all sorts of hilarious and awesome.

Every character from Persona 3 and 4 will have their individual story being told in the Story Mode.

There is a new mode called “XX Arena Mode”, in which apparently your characters growth is tightly linked to your social link with the voice navigator (so Rise is joining the roster and still acting as Voice Navigator, okay….).

Again, all these are really just hazy leaks for those of you who want all your leaks and rumours first hand. I’m sure come tomorrow, there will be more as well as clearer information about what all these mean.

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new ace attorney game


no apollo or answered questions from aa4 in sight


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You know, Ace Attorney has some really fuckin’ weird merch. Like, there’s all the normal stuff like figurines and cell straps and keychains and DS/3DS accessories and all that, but then there’s stuff like


Fancy Miles Edgeworth teacups?


A rose-scented Miles Edgeworth candle??


Grape juice Wine and a Blue Badger wine glass????


Toilet paper??????

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Okay first off YES OMG YES.

Now that I’m feeling a little more together shall we discuss the Inquisition?

Number One is likely if not definitely Cullen. I don’t see Templar armor but he’s a blonde good looking dude. That’s my guess.

Number Two is clearly our dear Vivienne so no need to explain her.

Number Three is Varric in all his glory.

Now Four gets me. I have been advocating for Cole to be in Inquisition and this dude looks like a young man, though tall. What we can be sure of is this: That dude is the hooded guy with the bird. Look at his blades in the image above compared to the ones here from the Matt Rhodes art.

Exact same double pointed ends. Booyah.

Number Five is obviously Solas. Loving the fur jacket buddy.

Six is Cassandra, oh you sweet woman.

Seven is Inquisitor.

Eight is my future husband the Iron Bull.

Nine! Is that Tevinter Mage guy I see?

"Don’t stab the table!!!!1!"

I know a few of us have been waiting to see this dude.

Number Ten is presumably Leliana if the speculation has been right. Not a companion but perhaps an adviser?

Number Eleven can only be Sera! Blonde rogue elf? I am so down for her she looks amazing.

Number Twelve is the mysterious woman we mistakenly thought was Vivienne some time ago. Can’t tell what she is (rogue/warrior/mage) but she is well dressed so assuming she might Orelsian? WHO ARE YOU?

And Thirteen, the one so many of us have been thirsty over.

Now if I’m correct the consensus was that he’s a Warden? Whether or not he is just look at him. Maker I just wanna stroke that fine beard.

Okay so counting people besides the Inquisitor we have twelves members of the “Inquisition”. Meaning nine of these people are our companions and the rest likely play a major role doing things elsewhere. I’m going to come out and say I think “Cullen”, “Leliana” and the twelfth woman are not companions and will be the three excluded from mission party.

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